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Cleveland, OH


Mold Indoor Air Quality in Cleveland, OH

A Cleveland, OH, property inspector can carefully examine the house you are about to buy to ensure there are no major problems. If you want to avoid unexpectedly ending up with a fixer-upper, come to Pioneer Environmental Systems Inc for help.

Many problems are invisible to the typical home buyer. When you only walk through a house a few times prior to buying it, it is nearly impossible to see evidence of harmful substances such as radon or asbestos. It can also be hard to tell if there is a mold growth lurking underneath your carpeting or if the drinking water is not of good quality.

Our talented team can discover these problems and more using modern technology and extensive training. Our services can reduce your chance of having to spend time and money fixing up issues you never saw prior to buying the house.

We offer the following benefits:

  • Prompt project completion
  • Helpful staff
  • Flexible schedule

We understand you want to close on the house as soon as possible, so you can trust we will be readily available to inspect your house before you sign the final papers. You can expect our team to go over the results with you in person so you can ask questions and get thorough answers. A Cleveland, OH, property inspector can be invaluable during the home buying process. Call Pioneer Environmental Systems Inc today!